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Marine planning

Pursuant to Part 3 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 the Welsh Ministers are the marine plan authority.  The Welsh Ministers have the power (and in some cases a duty) to prepare a marine plan for an area consisting of the whole or any part of their marine planning region. A marine plan is a document which, amongst other things, states the authority’s policies for the sustainable development of the relevant area.  The Welsh Ministers' marine planning functions extend to the Inshore Region and Offshore Region. The Offshore Region means so much of the Welsh Zone as lies beyond the Inshore Region. The Welsh Zone is defined by reference to section 158 (1)  GOWA 2006 and is the sea adjacent to Wales within British fishery limits and specified in an order under section 53 or section 158 (3) of GOWA 2006. The Secretary of State's consent is required for Offshore plans and for Inshore plans if they concern functions retained by the Secretary of State.

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