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Dental public health

Section 67 of the National Health Service Wales Act 2006 (NHSWA 2006) provides that a LHB has such function in relation to dental public health as may be prescribed in regulations made by the Welsh Ministers. The Welsh Ministers may also make regulations to set out their own functions in relation to dental public health in Wales. An LHB’s function in relation to dental public health may be discharged by the LHB itself, by two or more LHBs acting jointly, or by another person or body in accordance with arrangements made by the LHB.

The functions of LHBs in relation to dental public health are provided for by the Functions of Local Health Boards (Dental Public Health) (Wales) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006/487). The Regulations have effect as if they were made under section 67 of NHSWA 2006. Regulation 2 provides that a LHB as the function of, to the extent it considers necessary to meet all reasonable requirements within its area, providing or securing the provision of:

  • oral health promotion programmes,
  • dental inspection of pupils attending local authority schools, and
  • oral health surveys.

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